Rob Hunter - BA; MA (Social Anthropology); Grad.Dip Psychotherapy

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Roots Taiji

While sitting with Mouniji Maharishi in an Ashram in the desert region of Rajasthan I had a conversation with him about a tree that was standing  in the Ashram court yard.


Mouniji said we are like trees as they are born grow and die, so do we.  We are the same in this. His bark is our skin his leaves are his hair his branches are his hands. If we cut him his bloods flows but he can again grow again. If you cut a man’s legs off will they regrow? No. If you

cut a tree’s roots deeply will they regrow? No. Our next birth is for new growth. But where are the roots if we cut them. Mouniji said my root  was the wish to come and see him.


This idea of roots is important in many fields as a metaphor and symbol for the deeper aspect of a person a system or an art.


Escaping the superficial part of the mind is the challenge of all who engage in a spiritualising process. Patrick has formulated a model for making this great escape. I have followed this method for nearly 30 years and I find that it is a continual process of ruthless self-examination which can be painful and rewarding at times.


Roots Taiji asks the question where are our roots in this system and how do we develop a deep spiritual practice with in the context of a martial system such as Taiji.


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