Rob Hunter - BA; MA (Social Anthropology); Grad.Dip Psychotherapy

Registered Psychotherapist.

Psychotherapist Auckland - Rob Hunter



Traditional taijiquan training for the development of inner strength and harmony through concentration, co-ordination and relaxation of mind, energy and body.


The Taiji workshop classes two locations Koha or $10 per class (beginners welcome).

Kohimarama beach by Kohi yacht club Saturday 8am-9am

Wynyard quarter at The Event Centre Balcony Tuesday & Thursday 7am-8am


Rob's teacher Patrick Kelly was an inner student of the great Taiji and white crane master Huang Xingxian, born in Fujou, China. Master Huang Xingxian established schools throughout South East Asia and made frequent visits to Patrick’s Taiji School in Auckland. Rob meet Patrick over 25 years ago.


Over the past 20 years Patrick has generously taught Taiji around the world where a network of his senior students teach some thousands of students. Patrick returns to Auckland once a year to support his Taiji students in New Zealand. Rob trains with Patrick's senior students in New Zealand and in Europe. Over the past 9 years Rob has travelled to Europe to learn from Patrick.


This provides him with the ongoing opportunity to learn and develop his practice. Rob is interested in how the Taoist principals Taiji emerges from can be applied to skilful movement and psychological/Spiritual development.



Enquiries: or phone Rob Hunter on mobile: 021978969

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